Move over America, it doesn’t look like baseball is your favorite pastime anymore. You haven’t witnessed a live baseball game until you’ve seen one here in Japan. First thing to note some of the nicest security you’ll see anywhere. Yes, the guards at the gates will search you bags but they’re not pushy or irritating about it like the security back home. Second, if you’re entering the arena with a drink from the outside of any kind the associates will graciously pour it into a nice plastic cup for you and thank you for buying tickets to the game. Third, the prices inside the stadium are actually fair, still more expensive than outside goods but not to the level where complaints can be deemed necessary. Finally the crowd, absolutely everyone at the stadium is excited to be there, and the home team receives non-stop praises and chants from their loyal fans. The fans may be loud but they’re fun and extremely nice. There was a super fan sitting in front of us who taught us some of the cheers rather than laughing at our ill fated attempts. I don’t think I can experience a baseball game in America quite like the one I was a part of here in Japan.

Dr. C. Enjoying Baseball